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Top 12 Best Pentesting Tools & Apps For Android (New)

Pentesting tools for android is most trending topic on Internet. Today on Qd Tricks we are introducing the best penetration testing tools along with android penetration testing apps 2019.

The penetration here means to penetrate into a given security system. This is done in order to check the vulnerability of a given network security and the various bugs present in it. Most of the time, the testing is done using certain security pro tools.

Nowadays, there are various testing apps which have been developed and they are often used by various online users. Now these tools can be quite helpful and one can simply use them even if they have little or less knowledge about the vulnerability and security features of the OS.

Best Android Penetration Testing Apps 2019

best penetration testing tools for android


Fing penetration testing tool

This is one of the best and professional android penetration testing tools app that are used for network analysis. Basically, the fing is an intuitive and simple interface which can easily assist in evaluating the security levels, resolve and detect intruders and network issues. In addition, this app helps in finding out which devices are connected to the Wi-Fi network and that too in few seconds.

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zANTI is one of the comprehensive and easy to use network diagnostic toolkits & pentesting tools for android that helps in penetration and audit tests at the single click of a button. This android penetration testing app offers cloud related reporting which gives an easy introduction about the simple guidelines which assures the safety of the network.

zanti android penetration testing


This is an application which is often used for android penetration testing. Besides this, the toolbox of this app is the suitable for IT administrators, ethical hackers, and cyber security officers for performing various kinds of tasks such as scanning, reconnaissance, doing exploits, etc.

FaceNiff 2.4 Final

There are various individuals who don’t know that their Facebook account can be at risk. Similar to the Firesheep (which is for Firefox hacking), there is FaceNiff which is used of hijacking the sessions of various famous social network sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. This pentesting tools for android was developed by Bartosz Ponurkiewicz who also created the famous Firesheep.

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faceniff android security testing tool

Network Discovery

This is one of the cool and simple android security testing tools where one does not require any amount of root access for performing the given functioning. Basically, this is one of the coolest application present in the Android which helps in keeping track of all the details of the network which the Android is currently connected to.

network pentesting tool for android


WPScan is one of the great and coolest pentesting tools for android. This application is designed to test the given vulnerability of the WordPress. Plus with this tool, you can check out the vulnerability of the website which is currently running on the WordPress.

WPScan - best penetration testing tool

Shark for Root

The Traffic sniffer is compatible in WiFi (this works on the FroYo tethered mode) and 3G. In order to open the given WireShark or other similar software, one would need to use the android penetration testing app called Shark Reader. This app will only work on rooted android mobile. Check our this article to root android without pc and if this to get more best rooted apps.

Shark android penetration testing

WPS Connect

One of the famous and good pentesting tools for android which is often used for testing the flaws of the WiFi network is the WPS Connect. This app can easily help in breaking the security of the WiFi and it can easily help in accessing the WiFi by simply cracking the available keys present in this android running app.

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WPS Connect Android Penetration App

Nmap (Anmap) for Android 

Nmap which is also known as network mapper is one of the best and different network scanner tool. This android penetration testing (port finder) was designed for Unix OS however, it is now available on Android as well as Windows too. The Nmap is the best android penetration app for the Android run phone.

nmap penetration app


The Arpspoof is one of the best tools for network auditing. This best penetration testing tools app was designed by Doug Song as an important code of the dsniff package. Basically, this app redirects the traffic present in the local network by changing the ARP replies and communicates them to a particular target or to all the available host present in the local network.

arpspoof best android penetration app

Penetrate Pro

This is one of the coolest android penetration testing and wifi penetration app. This app is often used for testing the WEP/WAP keys of the wireless routers so that the android can be connected. Some of PC experts feel that this app is quite harmful for antiviruses but not for the devices.

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penetrate pro app

Network Spoofer

This is one of the awesome android security testing tools designed for the Android OS. With this android penetration testing app, the user can change and update the website on other PCs from the Android smartphone. Even though this is not a great or exact penetration testing app, but it still shows on how much difficult and easy it is for an individual to hack a given network with the android.

network spoofer app for penetration

To conclude, the above ten are the best pentesting tools for android. So go ahead download and install these best penetration testing tools to your Android OS. We hope you enjoy this list. You can share this apps with your friends via given social media sharing options. Bookmark this page to be updates with best pentesting tools for android 2019.

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