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A Big Setback For The Newly Launched Apple iOS 8 Update

Apple pulls iOS 8 update: Apple Users Complaints That It Blocks iPhonce Calls

Apple pulls iOS 8 update


Complaints: Some iPhone owners said they were also unable to unlock their phones

After a couple of hours of its launch, Apple was forced to withdraw its newly launched iOS 8 update software. The reason given was that, it blocked calls.

Due to the huge complaints that are being received, Apple has decided to stop providing the update software. So that it can work on fixing on iOS 8 operating system that is available on iPhones and iPads.

This decision was taken due to the complaints that were received by customers on Twitter and in Apple chat rooms regarding the update. Users were unable to make calls and the phone was getting unlocked by their fingerprint. But the good news is that users are able to older version of iOS 8 which has been downloaded by many.

Some blogs were updated that this problem persisted only with latest iPhone models such as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Some social media sites are being filled with reports stating that the shell of the iPhone 6 that is made of aluminum has been unsafe as it could be bend.

Some users have mentioned on Twitter stating that when the iPhone is kept in the pocket for long hours, the phone gets a curve at one end. iPhone 6, having a 5.5 screen is considered to be one of the thinnest and longer in size than any other iPhone mobiles.

iPhone 6 has bent problem

Problems: Many have complained the new iPhone 6 has become bent after a few days in a pocket

There were reports on YouTube, where videos depicting iPhones being bent were shown. But feedback was given that it is not a common scene and there are chances that it is only a cosmetic damage to some iPhones only. Apple officials have given a statement that they are checking on the claims given by the users and steps would be taken.

Apple officials have given ways to users to reverse the software update that was given earlier. The solution was connecting the phone to a Mac or Windows and download the file to restore the old software.

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