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How to Backup Android SMS, Contact with Coolmuster Android Assistant?

Coolmuster Android Assistant

Android are the most important innovation for humans. They are not just useful for communication but also used to keep your personal information. So, it is very essential to keep your android data to a safe and better security level. To keep your media, contacts, sms, apps, etc. Safe in one place on your pc, here is one of the best managing software – Coolmuster Android Assistant that secures your personal data by taking all the backup of your important datas.

Sometimes we accidentally delete our important files and our important data and our valuable information are lost. To prevent it, this android assistant is best to switch as it takes all the lost information of your android and it secures your file without any risk. Every information you store is safe with this android assistant. It is very easy to use and it possesses one of the finest quality of data securing.

Easy Backup: Go with Just One Click

We live in modern technology where one android is not enough for you to use for a life time. As the technology advances we keep our self-advanced with the latest models of the smart phones. We sometimes exchange our smartphones too. So, to keep things secured in our phones we have files like videos, photos, music, contacts, sms, apps, etc.  And to export your important data from your android phone or tablet to your computer gets must before switching to your new device and it is easily solved by just one click from your computer into your android device.

Not only this, you can also connect through a wifi and it can also be easily connected through usb cable.

For connecting your device through wifi there is a step for installing an application which is called as “android assistant apk” on your android device. For this, the application should be first installed through your android device. Which you can do it from your google play store.

Managing Contacts And SMS

Managing your contacts and saving your time becomes easy with this managing assistant because of its advanced feature of texting people simultaneously, it makes one get rid of sending same text message one by one.

The software helps you to manage the add new contacts and also clean the useless contacts you have in your device.

Now you can also rename the existing contacts and induplicate all your contacts on computer.

Installing Your Favorite App on Android Device

we all spend our free time on various applications that are eye catching to us which refreshes our mood such as games, music, other entertainments and many more. For all these we have one coolmuster android assistant which you should not fail to have it in your android device which lets the fun continue with all of its powerful functions and latest features which are very easy to install. You can also switch to any of your apps which you consider the most on your computer. It’s very easy to export them with doing just a click. It makes it very easy to get all your application’s backup from your android device to computer.

  • You can avoid the useless apps on android easily from your computer.
  • Coolmuster is a total package that helps you to save, transfer many useful and secured things in your android device or your computer.
  • There is no restriction to enjoy the media files at any time or anyplace.
  • Android assistant helps you to transfer contacts from Android to computer & all the important music, photos, videos, etc without any interruption.

Hit a Click for The Backup and Restore

backup and restore easily

We often have large files in our android device and to transfer them one by one makes us wait for a long and is a waste of time. We all hate to wait for just a backup on our android device or a computer. To save our time and energy we have an android assistant that makes our every work of transferring, backup or either restoring the useful information easy with just a click.

You can manage your backup and restore your android phone or a tablet with just one mouseclick. You just have to run the android assistant by connecting your android device to your computer.

After that select “super toolkit” which will be found in the top menu. Then you just have to click “backup” button to backup the selected file type from the android to your computer. Then click on the button “restore” to select the file type of the backup files and restore them to your android device.

100% Safe Application for All Android Devices

It is proven safe after going through a lot of tests. This application is labelled as a 100% secured. It is also considered as the best for all the popular android phones and also tablets. It works great on every top range of android device. It is supported by many androids on large scale by this android managing tool, includes different range of androids such as HTC, samsung, motorola, sony, zte, lg, huawei, dell and many more. It performs read-only operations in case to avoid damage causing to the data and information to the android device and a computer.


Adding Further Features of This Android Assistant

  • it is very easy to use and every work gets done with just a mouse click.
  • The important things get secured with very easy steps.
  • It’s easy to install the application.
  • It makes your android device handle the software with best security and best in safety.
  • The plus point of this android assistant is that it is a good supporter of all windows platforms.
  • It gives best results on every window platforms. You can check the better results on windows like 10/8/7/ xp/vista.
  • The best quality of this android device is that it doesn’t turn up with the third-party program while you are running this program in your device.

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