Top 50 Best Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks For iPhone 2019

One of the most leveraging market today is the iPhone market, where you find old and new phones, imported and exported around the world. However, with its exclusive little privacy control that Apple has for iPhone everyone is looking for best cydia tweaks 2019.

With this growing need, Cydia brings to you best Cydia tweaks which will help engage in this task successfully. With the new best Cydia apps you can enjoy your experience with iPhone more thoroughly!

This article is about the 50 best Cydia tweaks that will enhance your user experience and the quality of applications on your iPhone. In order to give a brief introduction to the readers who are unaware of what Cydia is – Like the Apple store of the Play Store, Cydia is another store from where you can download / buy applications for multiple purpose as per one’s need! It helps you with settings, tweaks, apps, etc. which usually Apple Store does not permit.

50 Best Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks & Apps 2019

best cydia jailbreak tweaks

All of you who are using phones with jailbreak must we aware of Cydia Tweaks & Cydia Sources. Cydia is basically the place where you can run download and install anything in your phone if it is jailbroken. Some people also name it as the secondary app store.  With this secondary app store, you will receive the most amazing tweaks of all.

Most iPhone users love to customise their phones, but are not allowed by the restrictions of security set up by Apple in its phones. That’s where the concept of Jailbreak is introduced for iPhones. Before moving to best jailbreak tweaks, first you need to know about best cydia sources as it is the first step to any ios jailbreak device.

Below is a list of the tweaks/apps on Cydia that you can enjoy using as an iPhone user!


harbor jailbreak tweak

Harbor the best Cydia app is available in the BigBoss Repo (http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/). This facilitates the operating system of your iPhone to modify the dock view similar to one in a MacOS installed on a Mac or an OSX style dock for all the versions of iOS 12.

The installation of this tweak allows you to add multiple icons apps to the iPhone Dock. It also avoids any glitches and enhances a view of all the icons at a time on the Springboard Home screen.

The icons on the phone will show a jump when you receive notifications. Moreover, it also shows all the apps that are processing in the background. It also allows you to have a complete control over it, with customization for the durations to allow the icons to jump, animations and other features. In order for further tweaks it gives an option for customization configuration in the Settings feature of the App. This one comes with a complete support for all version of iOS 11 and 12.


3dnotifications cydia tweak

This tweak is for getting the 3D Touch Peek and Pop to Banner announcements. This Cydia tweak is available for only $1.50. All you have to do is use it like any other peek-pop interface and the details can be viewed without leaving the app. In order to get access to the options menu, you need to give a hard press or swipe it up.


NanoChargingView Cydia

This best Cydia tweaks allows the users to enhance their battery charging style into a view that is animated similar to the WatchOS that you see in an Apple Watch. Cydia now has an updated compatibility with the iOS 12. Theralkae is a setting option in this tab which allows you to customize it further.

This is a free tweak by Cydia which is available in the BigBoss storehouse (http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/) with a fully functional support to all version of iOS 11 and 12.



Cydia provides another best jailbreak tweaks with the WhatsappCustomizer. This supports multi-functionality for the WhatsApp Messenger on the iPhones and other Apple devices with iOS. This Cydia tweak for WhatsApp now comes for both iOS 11 and iOS 12 versions!

Below is a list of the features with which you can tweak it more

  • Allows to customise the colour of the Bubbles in WhatsApp user interface
  • Allows to change the colour of the texts
  • Allows to customise the date and label colour in the WhatsApp interface
  • Allows to change the font and text size
  • This is a completely updated version and has pre fixed crashes
  • Facilitates you to customize the WhatsApp according to your own liking!

Apex 2

This is one of the best Cydia tweaks which allow the users to access group apps with a single click. Not only music apps like Spotify and Pandora but other group messaging apps, photography and social networking apps can also be accessed. This tweak is available for $3.99.

Add the icons to your app and have fun while swiping them up and down.


icleaner cydia app

This best Cydia tweaks allows you to clean your iPhone seamlessly! This is an application similar to the windows CCleaner or an android CCleaner. However, it comes with its own tweaks that allow you to make your phone using experience seamless with no junk files on board. You can find its repo here: https://www.qdtrick.org/best-cydia-sources/

iCleaner Key Features

  • Allows you to fix internet issues and also cleans the junk files from the Safari and other browsers installed on your iPhone
  • Allows to clean the cache for iMessages
  • Allows you to clear the junk cache for Apple Store and cleans each and every application on your iPhone
  • Also allows to revert the free space by cleaning the items in the cache
  • Allows releasing the RAM by clearing the iFile artwork
  • This tweak comes with a full compatibility ranging from iOS 11 to iOS 12
  • It has pre fixed bugs and issues as taken for action whilst the development from the feedback for the previous versions


AttachmentFlow tweak

This Cydia tweak is indeed the most useful for iOS 12 as it saves a lot of time during processing important work. It shows up the attachment of your mails right on the inbox page, saving you from the hassle of downloading and waiting. There is a variety in the range of formats that it displays for photos, videos and documents and it even presents a slideshow for multiple attachments. It can be downloaded for $1.99.

Delete Contact

delete contacts cydia

One of the best Cydia apps seamlessly facilitates deleting contacts from Cydia. It comes with a full compatibility for iOS ranging from iOS 11 to iOS 12.

Install the Delete Contact application from Cydia in the BigBoss repository (http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/) to enable removing contacts from the phone book in the iPhone quick and at ease. Once this app is successfully installed it adds a small icon to the upper right corner of the phone book or contact book which hence enables multiple deleting and/or single deleting with a single click.


appendix cydia tweak

This tweak works like any other 3D touch menu. You can press hard on any folder to get the information of what is stored inside. This is save the time that you take to open a folder and search for something in particular. It also shows the four best apps along with their names and icons. This tweak can be downloaded from free.AppDrawer.


If you have liked colorful icons and the look of Apple watch, then this is the best Cydia tweak for you. With a simple click, this tweak colorizes the Control center during its use, not only does it work faultlessly with the stock control center but it also copies the look of the Apple watch. Yes! You have heard me correct. There are many other tweaks like Polus and CCSettings which it supports and that too for free.


This is a must have tweak for all the ios 12 devices which are jailbroken. This tweak is so cool that it controls your music with hand gestures. Also, the song list can be accessed only be swiping left to right on the phone without opening the Music app. Buy this tweak for $2.99 and access complete music with all controls and details by swiping right. How cool can that be?



Another best Cydia apps which is a free tweak from Cydia, it allows you to deactivate or to activate a Spotlight search on your device as fast as within few seconds. This tweak is supported for iOS ranging from iOS 11 to iOS 12.


This is one of best Cydia tweaks that is a non paid additional feature to Cydia for the iOS 12. It enables the springboard to respring which allows the applications to be set up and pulled down. This tweak is supported for all the iOS versions ranging from iOS 11 to iOS 12.


With the help of this tweak, you can customize the battery indicator. There are a variety of themes that it provides. This free tweak avails a lot of new themes from which you can try different looks.

You can consider this tweak similar to Winterboard: the one that the jailbreak users use.


appdelete tweak

Another best jailbreak tweaks offered by Cydia, Appdelete is an added feature to your phone which controls the delete prevention applications on an iPhone. It is compatible for iOS 12. For more customisations you can browse through the settings option on this app.


This tweak can be called the best Cydia tweak as it provides important information related to the most important thing of your smartphone.  Not only does it give information about the battery charge and its capacity but also displays information related to temperature, charging cycles and other related things. This tweak is available for free download.


If you are looking for another best Cydia app that provides access to fingerprint security system and Touch ID then BioProtect is the one. You will have to go through a fingerprint scan once you enable BioProtect. This tweak is available for download in Cydia for $2.99.

Auxo 3

Auxo 3 is one of the best Cydia apps which give multiple experiences on one page. Along with that, there are many other useful features. To make it simpler for you to understand, the control center and the App switcher can be used on one page along with the experience of hot corners. This is very easy and it allows users to switch between their daily apps without any issue or multiple clicking. This app can be downloaded for $2.99.


Another best Cydia tweaks that comes with Cydia. There are possibilities where you can make multiple changes and it causes trouble with the iPhone iOS settings and applications.

For most of the jailbroken iPhones the users face trouble trying to reset it to the standard setting mode. Hence the BigBoss repository is updated with another Cydia tweak names ResetallKiller that allows you to reset the device without any trouble. This tweak is compatible to the iOS 8 to iOS 12. it is also compatible to older iPhones with version iOS 4 to iOS 8.

Future Lock

futurelock cydia tweak

Another free Cydia tweak which allows amazing futuristic features for the lock screen with amazing enhanced interface. It comes with a fully functional compatibility for iOS 11 to 12. It is easy to install and free of bugs with the version in the latest update.

AnySpot for iOS 12

This tweak activates spotlight search within your applications. With this best Cydia tweak, you can provide a gesticulation or access spotlight within both third party and stock apps for $2.99.

BytaFont 3

With this wonderful tweak, you can use and change any font that you like as many times as you want.  The best part of this tweak is that it is available for free and can be downloaded and installed from Cydia.


Another tweak offered by Cydia to allow a full customisation for the size and directional techniques of the icons on the phone. You can change the size of the icon from small to big and vice versa, and can also experiment with rotating them in different directions. It also allows you to make the icons transparent. This tweak comes with a full compatibility for iOS 11 to iOS 12. It can also be used for older version ranging from iOS 4 to iOS 8.

Custom Notification Sound

Custom Notification Sound


Another best Cydia tweak which allows you to control music without unlocking the screen. Yes! With the help of this tweak, controls like repeat, shuffle, play and much more will be added to the lock screen. Not only does it save time but it also makes the process of listening to music from your device easy. Most importantly, Carrot is completely free to use.

Cercube 3

This tweak can be called the top rated YouTube app as it allows you to download your favorite videos for free. With the help of this tweak, you can add a download button on your playback screen. Once you click on it while viewing a video, it will download your video in the download section. There are many other features which it offers like exporting music to the Music app, watching HD videos and also audio playback on exit. This is indeed one of the most entertaining and useful tweak.

An amazing free Cydia tweak called Custom notification sound allows the user customisation for the notification sound for Apple iPhone having OS ranging from iOS 11 to 12. It is devoid of incompatibility or bugs issues. You can get it directly from Cydia and enable this application using the settings option.

I hope that these above mention best Cydia tweaks for iOS are useful to you and come handy when in need. Get going and try your hand at some of those.

We hope you all like this best collection of cydia tweaks 2019. Use below given social media sharing option and share this amazing tweaks with your all friends. Bookmark this page to get more updates on best jailbreak tweaks 2019.

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