50 Best Google Gravity Tricks Which Will Amaze You

Interestingly people on the Google are always on the search for some fun on the giant search engine, Google. There are already posts on the web regarding offline Google games like running dinosaur and many more, we have observed recently people are looking for the unique trick on the search engine i.e. Google Gravity Trick. Looking at the trick’s popularity we are here going to share some Google zero gravity tricks for the fun.

Trust us! These Google gravity tricks are fun and it will help you to distress yourself from the boring daily routine. Another way round of these tricks is you get the new perspective to view Google other than just the search engine. All the Google gravity tricks shared here are for fun; kindly do not mistake them as something serious or fishy with the browser.

Lets start with the google gravity tricks and have some fun taste with Google Search. Here we have share the list of best google gravity tricks which will definitely makes fun. First learn what is google gravity and then start trying the best google gravity techniques.

What is Google Gravity?

A google gravity is where all the web pages would fall down or turn upside down. Here the contents of the given web page are subjected to the gravitational pull. So, they would act quite differently. This trick consists of various kinds of entertaining stuffs that are bound to puzzle any person who has got mind blowing ideas. With the Google gravity, one can easily confuse any person and convert his or her time worth in doing something which is unique as well as crazy.

30 Best Google Gravity Tricks 2018

Google Zero Gravity

Google Zero gravity is all about seeing the web content falling down and all the words are in reverse order. For e.g. if you are typing GOOGLE on gravity search box, the word will appear like ELGOOG. It is the nice way to trick someone. Once you have launched the website by entering the desired keyword on the Google zero gravity, the whole blog or the webpage will come crashing down including the images. All the words are in jumbled order and also the content is seen bouncing as they fall down on the screen. You can try and test yourself with the Google zero gravity trick from the link given below.

google zero gravity trick


Google Guitar

From the Google gravity search engine, you can even play the Google guitar. From this Google gravity trick you can play several popular tunes like twinkle twinkle little star, happy birthday, harry potter or the forest gump. If you don’t know the notes for these tunes, Google can be your savior here. Google will provide you the correct and accurate notes of these tunes. Amaze yourself by playing these tunes, click on the link provided here for the Google guitars.

google guitar

So, when you are looking for a keyword in the given web page, the results would get appeared in the inverted way. For this google gravity trick, visit the link below and see how well it works.


Google Gravity Underwater

Carrying forward the same Google gravity trick, we came across Google gravity underwater. No! You don’t have to take your gadget underwater to experience the Google gravity; just search for the Google gravity underwater on the search box and it will appear on your screen. The background is beautiful and also inside the sea has lot of variants like different fish species. On the Google gravity underwater, once you have entered the desired keyword on the search box, you will see the web content appearing or floating over the sea and the cherry on the cake is excellent animations in the background. The display and appearance is good also to read the content underwater is fabulous. You can experience the same by clicking on the Google gravity underwater trick link provided underwatergoogle gravity underwater

You can easily experience this google underwater through below link and enjoy the best anti gravity google.


Google Space

This Google Gravity Space is another interesting and awesome trick. Here the contents present in the web pages would be floating without any kind of gravitational pull. It shows how people would behave when they are in the outer space.

anti gravity google space
Best google space gravity tricks

In these best google gravity tricks, when you are searching for any kind of particular keyword, then the search result would behave in the same kind of floating manner. All the contents would literally turn upside down however, it would be in the non-gravitational space. Check out this Google Gravitational trick from below link for getting the awesome experience of it.


Google Sphere

google sphere

In Google Sphere, the contents would be circulating all around in the sphere shape. This happens when you are hovering the mouse over the page. Basically this google gravity trick is quite difficult for searching for any thing as the links present in the search page would be spinning around along with the mouse and you would have a great amount of trouble in clicking on the right link. Visit the below link to know more about this google sphere.


Do a Barrel Roll

do a bareel role in google

This is one of the simple google gravity technique which would provide a fast spin to the web pages in a single stroke. For doing this, one needs to open the page and type the word “Do a Barrel Roll” in the search bar. When the results would appear, one can experience the barrel roll in the pages and this would look quite appealing.


Google Tilt

google tilt tricks

The trick “Tilt” shows the search results in the tilted manner. For checking this google tilt trick, all the user has to do is type the word “tilt” in Google search page and hit the enter option. All the given results would be shown and you can see that there would be quite different from the normal search engine based results.


Google Flat Fall

google flat fall

Similar to the ‘Google no Gravity’ this Google Graviy Fall is one of the interesting trick where the search results along with the images would get attracted and directed due to the gravitational pull. Basically, this would keep the objects from bouncing and falling on the ground of the web page. You can experience this Google trick by visiting the below link. So ahead and try this trick.


Zerg Rush

zerg rush

This is another interesting and awesome concept related to the Google Gravity, making the given search results to disappear one after the other along with the falling zeros. All you have to do is simply type the “Zerg Rush” in the given search engine page and you would easily experience the awesome trick right in the search result page. This is a kind of a game where one would have to defend himself or herself against the Zerg Rush.


Google Pacman

google packman

Right from the start of computer and gaming industry, Pacman is considered as one of the exciting games which can be played from below given link. Basically, in this game, you must act like the Pacman who has to finish eating the balls present within the line and protect yourself from the monsters. The biggest attraction present in this google gravity trick is the Pacman game and all other things remain the same thing.


Google Terminal

google terminal

One of the most amazing tricks is the Google Terminal. This would bring back the memories of the MS-DOS days. It is one of the interesting and simple google technique which won’t require one to use the mouse however, it is the keyword pressed letters which would easily work here. You can try out this Terminal from below link.


Google Gravity Mirror

google gravity mirror

This technique can display all the given results in the reversed text, which includes the images making sure that it is quite difficult and is extremely interesting for reading. No doubt, this is one of the awesome and interesting Google Gravity trick which you won’t miss trying. For trying this click on the below link.


Chuck Norris Trick

google chuck norris

There is nothing which can make you surprised as well as interested with the results that you are bound to find in the givne page. Try it out at the given google chuck norris trick from below link and be amazed.


Google Snack Game

google snake game

google snake trick

This is definitely one of the best snake game that one must try and it is the common one found in most of the Nokia mobile phones. The Google snake game is just similar to that one. Here the snake has to consume all the given food which is provided in the game. This is done so that it can become larger. Even one can play this game from below given link and you do have the option for sharing the score after the game is completed.


Weenie Google

weenie google

This is the tiny google gravity technique where each of the contents of the search result page is converted into a tiny price. This is nothing but a third party best google gravity technique which is not in any way associated to the Google trademark. This animation is one of the simplest and you can just try to get it out from below given link.


Easter Egg Trick

google easter egg trick

Some of the users might have heard that the famous Super Mario Brothers have crossed their thirty year and experience in last month. So, as a tribute to it, Google has made this tricky game in the search engine. Now when you type in the word “Super Mario Brother” in the given search field, then the result page would show the iconic brick along with a question mark which you might have seen in the given game. So as and when you are clicking the brick many times, the score and points would reach 200 and there is a rumor, that it would ring 1 up sound as you click it 100 times.

If you are 90s child we are sure you must be having great memories with Super Mario Bros game. in 2015, game completed 30 years and to pay the tribute to the most 90s loved game, Google developed tricky game on the search engine. On the search engine box of the Google, enter Super Mario Brother and click on search. On the right side of result page, the iconic brick will be visible? (Question Mark). You can keep clicking on it as many times as you want and as soon as your 100 clicks are done on the brick, it would ring 1 up. You can still try this google gravity trick from the link provided below


Search for the ‘Recursion’

google recursion

Now this can be quite funny that when you are searching for any term “recursion” using the correct spelling, still Google would confuse you asking “Did you mean: recursion“.


Google Loco

google loco

One of the best google gravity trick where the whole web page simply falls down like the earthquake is the Google Loco. Because of the presences of the pull force of the gravity, the Google Loco is quite similar to the Google O gravity and other google gravity trick code. You can check the given link below given link to apply google loco trick.


Rainbow Google

Rainbow Google

If you want to enjoy something which is quite color when compared to other regular kind of google search. For this you have to try below given link which can bring some of the best colors to the Google search engine. No doubt, with the Rainbow Google, you can easily enjoy the Google links present in the Rainbow color which would continuously be blinking in the animated form.


Search ‘the number of horns on a unicorn’

the number of horns on a unicorn

Ok this has the most common answer and the Google would show it in an unique manner like most of the best google gravity tricks.

Link: the number of horns on a unicorn

I’m Feeling Lucky

This particular term would be seen in the Google search page and is one of the most simplest means to navigate and find the most relevant web page which is simply based on the search. In addition, these are one of the best google gravity technique or the major anti gravity google procedure. Basically, this particular technique would work quite even when one has enabled the Google Instant option in the search engine and if the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky option is not working then you can simply disable the Google Instant.

April Fool’s Joke

Each year, Google would love to play some kind of pranks on the users during the April Fools Day. So, you are bound to find various variety of April Fool pranks and jokes on the search engine. Previous years a huge amount of April Fool’s prank was there. But now Google had tried this technique along with other best google gravity tricks like Google’e Moon Base, MentalPlex, Google Romance, Google TiSP, Google Gulp, Meow me, anti gravity google and various other tricks.


Therefore, having discovered this most distinctive and amazing best google gravity tricks from the online, you can easily surprise any person and play a great amount of pranks on them. These tricks are not meant to make or design any kind of search pitful, but such trick code are simply created for developing some fun while the search is going on the Google. Bookmark this page to get more updates on it.

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