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Top 40 Best Xposed Framework Modules For Android

Download best xposed modules along with new xposed framework modules 2019. Get all working xposed installer modules & best xposed modules for marshmallow. All of us here using a smartphone definitely want it to look better than the others. In the process to do that, we keep on adding different unique features and customize our smartphones in all possible ways just to make it look different. How do you customize it? From where do you get the features from? Let me introduce to you a tool, with which you can try all these fancy things on your Android device.

This tool is known as Xposed Framework and what is does is it installs tiny apps in your device which are known as Xposed modules.

These Xposed framework modules exclusively shared by Qd Tricks, run only through memory and they do not disturb any original file and the apks. Therefore they are completely safe to use. They can be able and disabled as much as you want and they do not affect the device in any other manner. So once these modules are disabled, the changes made along with xposed module are incapacitated as well. You can also reboot your device once for more safety.

Now, the download procedure of Xposed framework is very simply. You will be directly directed to the download page from the XDA thread and of course Google. The only thing that can be a little confusing is that the Xposed framework has a different configuration for every device so you need to search thoroughly before downloading. This will be only installed if your android device is rooted and already has a custom recovery installed.

How to Download The Xposed Framework Modules?

  • Open the Xposed framework app
  • In the download option, you will find a search bar. Type the name of the Xposed installer module
  • Open it and check for the latest version
  • Download it
  • Your best Xposed modules are installed

Top 40 Best Xposed Modules 2019

best xposed modules

These best Xposed modules are better than other such customization apps in the Play Store. Not only because they provide a lot of variations but also because they were very intricate changes and enhance the look of your android device. Below, I have provided a list of the best Xposed modules that you can install.

This Xposed installer module is specially designed for the battery life of your device. It keeps a check on the battery of your device and also controls the amount of battery that is being used. There are many options in the settings for a longer battery life and this module also suggests you to set some options.

Amplify - Battery Extender 2019

Amplify – Battery Extender Features

  • A stable blocking engine
  • A beautiful design
  • Control Alarms
  • Control Wakelocks
  • Control Services
  • Simple Descriptions
  • You’re In Control
  • Measure Improvements
  • Tasker Integration
  • alarms and wakelocks
  • Translated into twenty languages

Package: com.ryansteckler.nlpunbounce


3dot menu mod

This best xposed module is designed for the device or rom which has no onscreen navbar, for example samsung rom. This module uses the 9 height navigation bar in order to activate the 3dot menu button in all applications.

After enabling this mod, screenshot combination will be changed to AOSP style like Power button + MenuDown

Package: it.tnx.xposednavbarmod

The hottest topic of discussion from the time of the release of Lollipop in Android is the omitted silent mode. With the help of this amazing Xposed framework module True Silent mode, you can achieve your silent zone again.

True Silent Mode Features

  • Brings back the silent mode of previous android version
  • Optional statusbar icon for silent mode
  • Freeload option
  • Allow Alarms option to keep it enabled
  • Keeps LED notifications intact
  • Tasker support

Package: com.thetonyp.truesilentmode


Isn’t it tiring to check your notifications on and off once the screen is locked or while you are busy? Well not anymore! AcDisplay is one of the best Xposed modules which allow you to answer to the notifications of the text or open the notifications without unlocking the screen.

AcDisplay Features

  • Great design and awesome performance
  • AcDisplay as lockscreen
  • Active mode
  • Inactive hours
  • Blacklist
  • Incredible level of stability
  • Enable only while charging
  • Dynamic background
  • Low-priority notifications

Tinted Recent Panels

All those who have the Lollipop version in Android would be aware that the newest feature is the colored title bars on the screen. Tinted Recent Panel is one such Xposed installer module which can bring color bars by tinting all the apps in those versions that have issues with the original update.

Package: com.mohammadag.tintedrecentpanels

  • Release type: Stable (low risk of bugs)
  • Download: com.mohammadag.tintedrecentpanels_v1_9bf0c3.apk (377.6 KB)
  • MD5 checksum: 9bf0c305ed9c235b36750fcb1afe0d62


xposed framework module

Do you have issues while applying themes to your Android Phone? Are you bored with the flashing of additional files while you are applying a theme to your device? With Android Theme Engine, you can now apply any theme to your device without any hassles with this best xposed module 2019.

Android Theme Engine Features

  • Signal Bars
  • Battery icons
  • Wifi icons
  • Alarm, BT, Sound, Vibrate icons
  • Navigation Buttons
  • Power menu Icons
  • Quick Tiles (Toggle) icons
  • Status Bar Clock mods

Package: dev.avs.themeengine

  • Release type: Beta (some bugs to be expected)
  • External download link: Link

gravitybox xposed installer module 2019

This Xposed installer module is a module with which you can a lot of extra tugs and features without the concern of flashing. GravityBox is specially designed for all those who used ROM of AOSP.

Gravity Box Features

  • QuickSettings tile management
  • Navigation bar tweaks
  • Expanded desktop with semi-immersive and immersive modes
  • Dialer tweaks
  • Screen recording
  • Lockscreen tweaks
  • Display tweaks
  • CyanogenMod Pie Controls
  • Media tweaks
  • Power tweaks
  • Hardware key actions
  • Statusbar tweaks
  • Launcher tweaks
  • Notification control
  • Smart radio

Package: com.ceco.lollipop.gravitybox

  • Release type: Stable (low risk of bugs)
  • Download: com.ceco.lollipop.gravitybox_v545_072f09.apk (4.63 MB)
  • MD5 checksum: 072f0997bdd0040bc90137247371d8f7


greenify module

This best Xposed module actually works as a savior of the device. It keeps a check on all the apps time to time and activated the hibernation mode of the apps which are not in regular use. This saves a lot of the device battery and improves the performance.

Greenify is not only a best xposed module but an independent application too. It improves your device performance & battery to the best level if it is used with xposed.

best xposed module coolify

If you device gets hot very fast, then Coolify Flat is the right xposed module for you. It has a very unusual style of cooling down a device.

Coolify Flat Features

  • Keep your device Normal temperature
  • Coolify is nearly transparent
  • One-Click Optimization
  • Never need to deal with the complexity
  • The simple user interface
  • Temp in status bar by Xposed
  • Support Immersive mode


All those users who are frustrated with the ads popping up in your apps and tired of cleaning the space occupied by them should instantly install this Xposed framework module to make your apps ad-free.

minminguard installer modules

Package: tw.fatminmin.xposed.minminguard

As the name suggests, remove all the crap and junk links with this module.

Supported Shorteners/Hosts

“”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “untp.i”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”

Package: com.germainz.crappalinks


lolistat mod

Lolistat is for the lollipop of Android. It is an automatic detector of color of apps that are installed in your device. After getting the palette, it will change the color of your status-bar accordingly.

It can also white-ify all the icons in status bar & we believe that white icons look more harmonious in lolipop version of android.

Package: info.papdt.lolistat

This is one of the best Xposed modules. It increases the attachment limit in your mail from more than 5MB. Isn’t that a table turner point for an application?


app settings mod

If you want to change the value per app, then this xposed framework module is a must. With this module, you can aim all the setting shared by the apps of your device.

List Of Settings Can Be Changed With This Xposed Module

  • Font scale
  • DPI
  • Notifications priority
  • Reported screen size
  • Locale
  • Prevent big / expanded notifications
  • Disable fullscreen keyboard input
  • Keep screen on while app is visible
  • Hide title bar
  • Mute audio
  • Force using legacy
  • Exclude or force app in recents
  • Stay resident in memory
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Force or prevent ongoing notifications
  • Force orientation
  • Revoke permissions
  • Insistent notifications
  • Display on top of the lockscreen



Force FastScrool

The List view can be forced to scroll extremely fast with this module.

Package: com.hamzah.forcefastscroll

advance power menu xposed module

Do you like rearranging the icons of the menus in your device on and off? If yes, this is the module for you. With this most, you can add or remove as well as re order the icons of your power menu. Also, this Xposed framework module is supported by a lot of ROMS names Xperia, AOSP and Touch Wiz.

Advance Power Menu Features

  • Freely remove, add and reorder the power menu items easily
  • Quick dial
  • Custom advanced reboot option
  • Toggle mobile data and wifi from power menu
  • Screenshot function
  • Remove power off confirmation dialogs (New)

Package: hk.kennethso168.xposed.apmplus


hide netword indicator module

With the Hide Network Indicator module you can hide all the network indicators and keep your AOSP look as it is.

Hide Network Indicators Features

  • Xposed Framework
  • AOSP Based custom rom

Package: com.nadeemsultan.hidenetworkindicators

To stop the ads that pop up as soon as you start your device, install this amazing Xposed framework module. In this module, only the apps having the permission BOOT_COMPLETED will be shown in the list. Exclamation mark will be at the end of System Apps.

This framework module will need Xposed Framework to be installed in the mobile. As we know the framework required the root access, you can skip to this guidelines to know how to root any android device without pc.

Package: de.defim.apk.bootmanager

Minimum brightness is one of the best and most searched xposed installer module in the worlds. You can adjust the brightness level of your device from any scale between 10 to 1 with this module.

All the unwanted ads, notices, update requests, download requests can be ignored by using this xposed framework module.

Take more screenshots by minimizing and nulling the delay time in screenshots with this module.

There are many other wonderful features developed by the developer and also in other ROMS. With this best xposed module, you can import them in your device.


After using this module, you will be free from the pressure of remembering the passwords of the Wii-Fi networks stored in your device. This module automatically remembers them.

How would you feel if you can control and all as many power and button features as you want? Amazing isn’t it? Well, Xposed additions is one of those best Xposed modules which allows you to do that.

Adjust the luminosity of your screen as long as you want with this module.

Does it become difficult to remember spellings when you are in the middle of an important conversation? Do you want to be free from the worry of miss-spelling words and being ashamed? With Xdictionary xposed framework module, you can easily search for a word and check the meaning while texting.

The amazing Google Hangout experience is now with smaller tugs and pulls to enhance your experience even more.

This is one of the best xposed module displays the full app change log rather than the first four lines.

Control the music player of your device with the camera and the volume buttons and save the efforts of going into the app.

You can change the history log from 10 records to 30 with this one of the best Xposed modules of Xposed framework.

With this module, you can inject all your module preferences in the stock setting apps.

This xposed framework module will display the entire list of permissions required to download an app from the store.

With this best Xposed module, you can reestablish the instrumentality of Appops, first introduced in the version 4.4.2.

Remove the uppercase in the sentence and change the button sizes with this module. IT is very engaging.

Clean up all the notifications in the notifications bar with a simple and a quick tap. Isn’t very relaxing to not see how many notifications popping up all the time?

Confine the apps from sharing your personal data with this xposed module.

With the main flash LED, you can start the flashlight with this module. The other method to ON and OFF it is by long pressing the Volume up or the Home button. This is indeed the best Xposed module.

Change the path of all apps to the SD card with the help of this module.


Long press on the paste button to add the clipboard management functionality in your device with this module.


Stated above are some of the best Xposed modules of 2019. DO not worry about the compatibility of these modules, in the Android version 6.0 or lower as these have been tested on the 2nd generation Moto E with Android Marshmallow by your team.

Feel free to comment about these modules or suggest other best Xposed modules that are not discussed in this article. Also, do not hesitate to ask any doubts or queries that you have. We are always happy to help you. Bookmark this page to get more updates on best xposed modules & xposed framework modules 2019

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  • Amazing list. You almost listed all the important modules of Xposed. I personally use Xprivacy, gravitybox and amplify. Waiting for Xposed to get nougat support!

  • Great list of xposed mods, the ones i use personally are as followed:
    4g/Lte switcher, amplify, audio stream music default, boot manager, crappalinks, fingerprintenabler, flat style bar indicators, miniminiguard, network speed indicator, one tap module for Facebook and YouTube, power nap, screenshot delay remover, xinsta, YouTube backgroundplayback, YouTube addaway.

    I haven’t upgraded to Nougat on my device but stayed on 6.0.1 for the simple reason that i can’t live without xposed and all the nifty mods. As soon Nougat gets a stable framework i will make the switch.