BSNL USSD Codes To Check BSNL Balance, Data & Offers

In this article, we will list down the BSNL USSD codes which can further help the users for the BSNL balance check, and other network services. The user can also check the details of the USSD and how it operates in the cell phone. Check the bsnl USSD codes list in this article which you can bookmark or share it on the social media.

About BSNL

The telecommunication company which is Indian state-owned with the headquarters based in New Delhi. It is the largest provider of broadband services and fixed telephony services. With more than 60% market shares, it is the fifth largest mobile telephony provider in India. It provides the services throughout the country, except for the Mumbai and New Delhi, which are operated by Mahanagar Telecom Nigam Ltd.

BSNL provides the GSM cellular mobile services, where they give prepaid and postpaid connections, also the fixed broadband landline services too. Now as of 2015, 93 million customers are the user of bsnl network, but many of them do not know the bsnl USSD codes for bsnl balance check, or how the make use of the various bsnl USSD codes from their cell phones. If you wants to get the free internet on your bsnl sim card then you can follow this link of bsnl free internet, it will help you to get the unlimited free internet on bsnl sim mobile phone.



bsnl balance check ussd codes 2018

In this article, we are providing the list of bsnl USSD codes 2018, which can be utilized by the customer for bsnl balance check, internet usage services, Value added services (VAS) by the network provider. Further, the customer care services as per the state too are also listed down below, just in case the user is unable to make use of the USSD codes due to the network range issue.

List Of BSNL USSD Codes 2018

Unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) codes are the quick or featured codes provided by the network provider. It is used by GSM cellular to communicate with the Telecom service provider. In general, USSD code is independent calling service which provides the menu based information.  Now, check out the list of bsnl USSD codes below.

DetailsBSNL USSD Codes
Bsnl balance check ussd codes*123#
Bsnl Internet balance check code*124#
Bsnl (know) own number check code*222#
Bsnl minute balance check ussd codes*123*5#
Bsnl FnF number enquiry code124*6# 
Internet Data*124#
Bsnl customer care number1503′ Number ‘1800-180-1503’
Bsnl call detail check code*124#
Balance & Validity*123*1#
Minutes Balance*123*2#
SMS Balance*123*1#  or *123*5# or  *125#
GPRS Data Balance*123*10#
Network Call*123*5#
Video Call Balance*123*9#
GPRS Pack Balance*123*8#
SMS Balance Enquiry*125#
Last Call Charges Details*102#
Voice pack info*126#
Data Balance Enquiry*234#
Local Network Call*123*6#
2G Net Balance*123*10#
BSNL data or Internet main balance*124#
GPRS/3G data*112#
2G data balance inquirySMS “DATA 2G” to 53733
3G data balance inquirySMS “DATA 3G” to 53733
ISD activationSMS ACT space name to 53733

List Of BSNL Customer Care Numbers

State NameCC Number
BSNL Andaman & Nicobar CC9434024365
BSNL Andhra Pradesh CC9440024365
BSNL Assam CC9435024365
BSNL Bihar CC9431024365/9431224365
BSNL Chhattisgarh CC9425201234/9425201041
BSNL Chennai CC9444024365
BSNL Goa CC9444024365
BSNL Gujarat CC9426024365
BSNL Haryana CC9416024365
BSNL Himachal Pradesh CC9418024365
BSNL Jammu Kashmir CC9419024365
BSNL Jharkhand CC9431124365
BSNL Karnataka CC9448024365
BSNL Kerala CC9447024365
BSNL Kolkata CC9433024365
BSNL Madhya Pradesh CC9425024365/9425124365
BSNL Maharashtra CC9422024365 /9422124365
BSNL Orissa CC9437024365
BSNL Punjab CC9417024365
BSNL Rajasthan CC9414024365
BSNL Sikkim CC9434024365
BSNL Tamil Nadu CC9443024365/9444024365
BSNL Uttar Pradesh East CC9415024365
BSNL Uttar Pradesh West CC9412024365
BSNL West Bengal CC9434024365


Other BSNL Service USSD Codes 2018

  • Astrology Activation: *456*21#
  • Astrology Deactivation: *456*22
  • auto tips Activation: *456*96#
  • auto tips deactivation: *456*97#
  • beauty tips Activation: *456*500#
  • beauty tips deactivation: *456*501#
  • BSNL USSD code for Bollywood activation:  *456*99#
  • Bollywood deactivation: *456*98#
  • BSNL USSD code for Cricket activation: *456*55#
  • cricket deactivation: *456*56#
  • BSNL USSD code for Gandhiji quotes activation: *456*08#
  • Gandhiji quotes deactivation: *456*09#
  • Geeta Activation: *456*71#
  • Geeta deactivation: *456*72#
  • General Knowledge activation: *456*508#
  • General Knowledge deactivation: *456*509#
  • Gurbani Activation: *456*61#
  • gurbani deactivation: *456*62#
  • Health Tips activation: *456*636#
  • Health Tips deactivation:  *456*637#
  • BSNL USSD code for History activation: *456*77#
  • History Deactivation: *456*78#
  • Mega Pack activation: *456*01#
  • Mega Pack deactivation: *456*02#
  • money matters activation: *456*43#
  • Money matters deactivation: *456*44#
  • Motivational Quotes Activation:   *456*506#
  • Motivational Quotes Activation: *456*507#
  • myths Activation: *456*94#
  • myths deactivation: *456*95#
  • News activation: *456*31#
  • News deactivation: *456*32#
  • power of words activation: *456*88#
  • power of words deactivation: *456*89#
  • Ramcharitmanas activation: *456*408#
  • ramcharitmanas deactivation: *456*409#
  • Sai Baba activation: *456*724#
  • Sai Baba deactivation: *456*725#
  • Stock activation: *456*41#
  • Stock deactivation: *456*42#
  • BSNL USSD code for Freedom activation: *456*512#
  • Freedom deactivation: *456*513#
  • Kollywood activation:  *456*522#
  • kollywood deactivation: *456*523#
  • Mollywood activation: *456*520#
  • mollywood deactivation:  *456*521#
  • Navratri activation: *456*81#
  • Navratri deactivation: *456*82#
  • Shree Ganesha: *456*514#
  • Shree Ganesha: *456*515#
  • Shree Krishna activation: *456*516#
  • Shree Krishna activation:   *456*517#
  • Tollywood activation:  *456*518#
  • Tollywood activation:  *456*519#
  • Karvachauth activation: *456*83#
  • Karvachauth activation: *456*84#
  • Tips of Bride activation: *456*502#
  • tips of bride deactivation: *456*503#
  • Tips of Groom activation: *456*504#
  • tips of groom deactivation: *456*505#
  • Sardar Patel activation: *456*92#
  • Sardar patel deactivation: *456*93#
  • Diwali activation: *456*90#
  • diwali deactivation: *456*91#
  • Chacha Nehru activation: *456*14#
  • Chacha nehru deactivation:  *456*15#
  • Indira Gandhi activation: *456*16#
  • Indira gandhi deactivation: *456*17#
  • Bakra-Eid activation: *456*786#
  • bakra- eid deactivation: *456*787#
  • Christmas activation: *456*18#
  • christmas deactivation: *456*19#


We have tried to cover as much as bsnl ussd codes as we can. You can try all the codes for the respective services, not only that with bsnl USSD codes, but you can also know that services are active and which you want to activate for the better network use. The bsnl ussd codes list contains all the prepaid, internet activation packs, postpaid, deactivation services codes.


With the bsnl USSD codes, there is various information are available in the form of the menu. When you can access the USSD codes, you do not have to call the customer service center for the minor issues. Though you can, only when the respective USSD codes do not work, or the information about the particular service on that bsnl USSD code is unavailable.

Remember, the bsnl USSD codes are different for every state. So do not use one bsnl USSD state code for bsnl balance check when you are in another state. You can share this article with your other bsnl users through Facebook, Google or Twitter. You can even bookmark this article on the safety side for your further use.

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