Buy BMW Cars 2017 With Buying Tips & BMW Features

BMW is a German product, one of the most luxurious vehicles manufactured till date. Its actual name is Bayerische Motoren Werke AG but is majorly known as BMW. Everyone around here, irrespective of any age group will be aware of this brand and vehicle and it definitely would be a dream for most of us to buy BMW car. Whether you buy a brand new BMW or a second hand BMW, it will always show the same class to you. There is a different spirit about this brand and irrespective of which ever version you can afford you will always be a proud owner of it.

Tips Before Buy BMW Car 2017

buy bmw cars 2017

To buy BMW car is a life goal for many aficionados. One such aficionado is me who is a passionate believer of buying a BMV and since I am currently looking at buying one, I have spent a lot of time researching and figuring the market out so I can definitely give you some suggestions and tips if you are looking forward to buy BMW car new or pre-owned.

First of all, you need to figure out if you want to buy a new car or lease

Are you the one who trades in your car every few years after driving it for few miles? If so then you should definitely lease the car and if you keep the car with you for years and years and use it more socially, then buying is the right option for you. The lease process in BMW is quite convenient and easy going. For example, if you are leasing a BMW for 20,00 miles and then you decide to extend the miles for another 10,000 then all you have to do is call up the salesman. They will only charge you extra for it. If you lease the car, then you do not need to buy BMW car.

Visit a BMW dealer in your area

Check out the latest models of the series and find out what fits in your budget. Then take advice from a knowledgeable salesman who can guide you and explain you all the features and also provide a test drive. After this you can buy BMW car.

European Delivery

If you have enough budget to go to Germany by yourself and buy BMW car then there is nothing better than that. Also, you get it shipped to a dealer in your area you trust. If you go to Germany, I am sure it won’t be a waste of your time and money both. Along with buying the car, you will also be able to take the BMW tours and race along the streets of Germany in your new car. Moreover, there is a talk in the town that buying a BMW from Germany saves you around $5,000-$6,000. Now, who would not want to buy BMW car.

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Best BMW M Cars 2017

After the beneficial tips I have given above, I am now providing you the list of the 7 best BMV M Cars as voted by the readers.

E9 3.0 CSL

This is the first batmobile that led to the M cars. He upgraded version of this car 3.5 CSL was made for group 5 racing. You can definitely considering this model if you want to buy BMW car.

E30 M3 – EVO II

For an ardent follower who wants to buy BMW car will be happy to know that E30 M3 has stood up in the top 3 of the homologated cars.

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E46 M3 CSL

E46 M3 has the most awesome performance to boot. If you are looking to buy a car that not only gives amazing performance but also looks stunning then this is the car. This car is a complete package that has carbon fiber and has 270lbs less weight. The uber rare CSL is also improved in the standard M3. GT, GTR and the competition package versions should receive honorable mentions. This is definitely the best version if you want to buy BMW car.

E36 M3 Lightweight

The E36M3 lightweight is an upgraded version E30 M3. It was manufactured with few modifications.

E39 M5

This is the best buy BMW car of the M5 series. The older versions, especially the classic E38 was a definitely applaud worthy. It consisted of the amazing S38B38 engine of the E34, the V10 of the E60, and the Turbo chargers in the F10. But E39 is still the best with its enunciated V8.

E24 M6

This is the best example of getting what you pay for. With amazing power pack performance and the most luxurious leather interiors, this car stormed out the streets in the 1980’s. The engine from the M1, made it even more noteworthy. People with an interest in flaunting about their luxurious choose this model and buy BMW car.

E34 M5

This model has crossed all the bars that other cars can even reach up to with 300+ horses; this car is a stupendous version of the wagon. It is the role model of the modern era BMW M cars. You will fulfill you dream and be on cloud nine if you buy BMW car.

I hope my knowledge about BMW proves to be useful to you and also helps you take decision if you want to buy BMW car. To buy BMW car, you need to be thorough with the tips provided above and once be completely confident about the dealer you are going to buy from, you will definitely get the best version of BMW for you.

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