How to Create iPhone Ringtone without iTunes | 3 Steps Only

It has been quite while the people are still looking for the non-iTunes software to create the ringtones for their device or simply to transfer the media files without the need of iTunes. The iTunes is the part of the Apple, designed for the media files to work smooth as well with great performance. The iTunes is also available for the Windows and trusts us; it is better to have it on the computer as well because sometimes to transfer the huge files, the large device is needed. The recent and updated Windows 10; however seems to not respond appropriately to the heavy work of the iTunes, sometimes.

Right from everything, if you have installed the iTunes on the Windows PC, you may have through the phases of the frustration. During this time, you may have even searched all kind of troubleshoots to fix the iTunes on the Windows. Maybe some must have worked on the permanent basis with some lags or the temporary basis with more lags. To sideline all of them and to overcome the confusions clouding over which troubleshoots to apply, the WinX Media Trans will help you to transfer the media files from the non-iTunes software to your iPhone, making as the iTunes alternative for Windows.

There are several such software are available on the web, in fact, it is very niche to have the best non-iTunes software on the Windows 10. To stand out among all of them, the WinX Media Trans happens to be the best. Why? Well, if you have already installed any of the non-iTunes software on the Windows 10, the features will be either limited to the users or they may ask you to try their pro version for the specified duration. The WinX Media Trans does not do such to the users, in fact, the features are excellent, and if you compare them with any other non-iTunes software, we are sure, you will feel the media trans much better.

Why WinX MediaTrans?

MediaTrans iphone ringtone maker

There are times when you would like to have the ringtones on your device, but iTunes somehow will get crashed or maybe will not support some audio files. With the WinX MediaTrans, you can create the ringtones without the need of the iTunes on the Windows. There are reasons why we chose the WinX MediaTrans over other popular non-iTunes software for the Windows.

  • Convert any audio file to the iPhone ringtone with the M4R format
  • You can transfer any media files like audio, images, videos, and ringtones from PC to iPhone or vice versa.
  • For the iTunes to be affordable for every user, you can remove iTunes DRM.

We have come across these superb features of the software and trust us; we would like to give five on five ratings for all of them.

Create Ringtones for iPhone without iTunes

create ringtones for iphone

Very few people in the audience know about the ringtone format the apple company uses to create them. The M4R format is the only audio format which is acceptable to the Apple, and because of this audio format, we experience the best ringtone on the iPhone. To create the ringtone for the iPhone is difficult to compare to creating the ringtone for the android OS enabled devices. The Android accepts all kind of the audio files majorly, and therefore you can set any audio file as the ringtone. With the iPhone, the case is not same, however, and so we have considered the WinX MediaTrans as the best non-iTunes software for the Windows and Mac as well.

With the rising usage of the smartphones, to customize them according to the convenience of the users has also increased. It is not that iPhone users are unhappy with the ringtones available on the device, but to share them with other non-iPhone users is not possible unless you sync them with the iTunes library on the Windows or Mac and then copy on the other iTunes account. There is another way round; trim the audio file to the MP3 or M4R format with the iTunes which is the lengthy process for anyone. So we came across the great alternative, WinX MediaTrans, the third party application for the iPhone. With the WinX MediaTrans, the non-iTunes software, you can create or convert any audio file in the ringtone for the iPhone.

How to Create Ringtones for iPhone without iTunes?

In three simple steps, you can create the ringtone from the audio file for the iPhone device. Instead of going around the bushes, let’s start with the steps to create ringtones for iPhone without iTunes.

Download & Install WinX MediaTrans for Free

  1. First of all download and install the WinX MediaTrans the iPhone ringtone maker transfer software from the link.
  2. Now double click on the .exe file and then finish the process of the installment by following the on screen wizard instructions.
  3. Launch the software without the need of downloading the iTunes on the Windows

Connect the iPhone & Computer

  1. Click on the Voice & Ringtone
  2. You will get the pop-up message- Please plug in the iPhone or iPad
  3. Follow the on screen instructions for the next procedure.

Create Ringtone for iPhone in M4R format

From the top taskbar click on “Add Ringtone”

add ringtones

Now upload the audio file or the song from the file explorer to create the ringtone. Keep in mind that WinX MediaTrans supports the following audio formats:

  • .M4R
  • .M4A
  • .MP3
  • .AAC
  • .FLAC
  • .WAV
  • .WMA

Anything, apart from the above-mentioned audio format files, the WinX MediaTrans does not support.

Now click on “Make Ringtone” available beside the scissor icon.

make ringtones

Select the audio track from the audio file by sliding the part you want as a ringtone upto the limit of 40 seconds, fixed by the Apple. After having your desired 40 seconds audio track from the music file, click OK.

On the bottom right of the software, click on the blue icon to sync. Now the conversion and the transfer of the file will be done within seconds.

In the trial version, you can create the customized ringtones for iPhone 30 times per day. You can upgrade the software anytime for the unlimited customized ringtones, and also the unlimited transfer of the media files.


Trust us; the WinX MediaTrans to create the customized ringtones for iPhone have worked best for us. It does not matter which iPhone device you are using; the WinX MediaTrans is compatible with every device, and also it can be installed on the any Windows version. We would like to give the five on five ratings for the WinX MediaTrans for the customized ringtones for iPhone without any hindrances.

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