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Top 20 Best Alternatives To Fitbit Fitness Trackers in 2018

To keep track of our health on a daily basis was the work of our fitness trainer. But now, where the world is moving toward becoming the digital society, we have the digital health trackers which can be either purchased from or simply have the health tracker application in our Smartphone. Here, we will present the alternatives to fitbit which works same as fitbit health tracker. The list contains high and low pricing fitbit alternatives.

About Fitbit

alternatives to fitbit 2018

Before 2007, who had known in the world that it would be possible to keep the record of every health aspect by own. Fitbit is the American company that designs the products which include all the fitness parameters in the compact device. This device can be worn on the wrist as the tracker or one can simply download the fitbit application in the Smartphone. Along with the device, there is USB dongle which can sync the data to the account through fitbit Connect. It is wireless and the wearable technology device.

In the past few years, there are certain issues with this wearable technological device. Though the working of the tracker is smooth and almost accurate, the issues were raised for the material they use in the making of the device. Many fitbit users complained about skin rashes, irritation and blistering. Now, this was called as allergic reactions to the materials used in making the device. The complaint was for single fitbit product, but the questions were raised for many other products then after.

The consumers started losing the confidence then in the fitbit products, and thus started looking for other company’s fitness trackers. This gave birth to the sudden upsurge of the production of fitness trackers in other companies. The top leading technological companies like Apple, Samsung, and Pebble went ahead to design the fitness wearable tracker for the health freaks. Thus, from here on, we will look at the list of the top fitbit alternatives which are safe to use and almost accurate. The alternatives to the fitbit are much known and popular like fitbit devices.

Top Fitbit Alternatives 2018

Before you start reading about the alternatives to fitbit, we would recommend you to read every device’s details, so that you can purchase it as per your required specifications.

Jawbone Up

jawbone up

Now, if you are a newbie to the health tracker devices, then you must first take the chance with jawbone up. This is the alternative to fitbit where the device tracks all the aspect of your health. To have the healthier life, the jawbone up enable to track your sleep hours, walking distance and time, exercises, overall how much calories are burnt, and how many physical activities you did in a day.

It is the most affordable health tracker device which will guide you towards having the healthier life. The features that the device have:

  • BATTERY LIFE up to seven days
  • WATER RESISTANCE in 10 meters deep.
  • ABILITY to read the rates of resting heart by using skin and temperature sensors in the device.

Garmin Vivofit

garmin vivofit Fitness Band

If after the fitbit, there is any other alternative for the organised mechanism, then it has to vivofit. If you want digital fitness coach, then we are sure that Garmin vivofit will be of great use. The vivofit enables to track the user’s complete health wellness. With one function, the vivofit gives you the record of sleep hours, calories burnt, distance and steps covered while walking, and the workout sessions.

With the great affordability, the vivofit suits best as the alternative to the fitbit. When you are busy for a long time and have forgotten to take the break in between, even though the device is inactive, it will show you that you need to move around, be it for few minutes. You can sync the device with iOS app, Android app and even with the computer.



This is the best alternative to fitbit and the only established brand in the market of Android smartwatches at very fast pace. The pebble wearable technology has also partnered with the most profound sports category like Jawbone, Misfit, and ESPN. It works as smartwatch as well as a fitness tracker.

With one single charge, the battery of pebble can last long up to the week. You also have the feature of mobile gaming in the fitness tracker. Now, as the Pebble comes with a much affordable price, with the premium version is the best buy option for the people who wants to keep track of their enhanced skin.

Withings Pulse O2

Withings Pulse O2

In the huge competition of the fitbit alternatives, Withings Pulse O2 comes as the underrated device compare to other company’s fitbit device. It is the fitbit alternative with the features that well-known company fails to provide to the users. The Withings Pulse has made sure to make device skin friendly and thus providing complete protection to the user along with health track.

The band of the device is not same like other fitbit device. The Withings keep track of the hours you slept, how much calories burnt, how much distance you walked in a day. You can have the real-time coaching with the help of HEALTH MATE APP in the device. You can wear the device in the alternative wrists and with the clipping option; you can clip the band on your clothes rather than wearing on wrists. It is compatible with the both OS- iOS and Android.

Jaybird REIGN Fitness Tracker

jaybird health tracker

The Jaybird fitness tracker comes with no screen and thus stands out of the fitbit competition in the market. It is compatible with the Galaxy smart phones. Now the features of this fitbit like device make sense because it just not has the enhanced looks but also the great health tracker.

  • BATTERY LIFE up to five days. It is beneficial for those who do not like to charge often their fitness trackers.
  • ALERT for how long you have being inactive.
  • WATERPROOF, so easily can be taken to swimming pools or any water bodies.
  • SLEEP TRACKER which keeps the check on the patterns of your sleep as well as gives indicator about how many hours sleep you need to be active for the next day.
  • EASY WEAR for your wrist. It has the silicon band which is stain proof and skin friendly. It can easily attach & detach on or from your wrists.
  • GO ZONE feature provides the help body to recover from the exercise.

Misfit Shine

The biggest selling point for the Misfit Shine fitbits is that it gives you the range of colours. Unlike other company’s fitbits who has maintained their standard limited colours, the Misfit Shine provide the user to choose their favourite color along with great in-built features. The misfit tracks the walking, running, swimming, sports and sleep activity.

When you have stayed inactive quite for a while, the crown of light encourages you to get up and walk around for few minutes just to keep your body active in between the busy schedule. It contains the replaceable battery which lasts for six months which means that device can run without the need of charging.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit2

In your busiest schedule, there is always the urge to keep the Smartphone handy even though you are working out. This is what the Samsung galaxy gear fit offers to the user. It works as smartwatch as well as a fitness tracker. With the gear fit, you can multi-task, and thus you do not have to worry about missing out anything, not even your health. It is the slimmest fitbit device with halo colours.

Now getting along with the features, the Samsung galaxy gear fit provides what every fitbit device is already. But the exceptional factor or feature is that it helps you to access the primary Smartphone functions like send messages after rejecting call, respond quickly to the messages, and control alarms. It also enables to keep track of your daily routine activities and providing the feedback on it to achieve your health goals.

Adidas MiCoach Fit Smart

The fitness freaks like to keep track of everything about their body and health. The Adidas micoach fit smart is that rare fitbit alternative which provides the feature of monitoring the heart rate along with all fitness parameters. With the micoach and run app, the device offers motivation and coaching advice which enables you to train in a smart way. This can also be called as advanced fitness tracker since it makes you indulge in the training session similar that of an athlete.

Microsoft Band

Though it is the Microsoft fitbit band, it syncs well with iOS, android and windows. It is the new gadget line from the Microsoft Company. It can be the best fitbit alternative because the Microsoft band has the additional features along with other standard fitbit features. The price of the Microsoft fitbit bands depends upon your selected size.

Along with keeping the track of sleep patterns, heart rate, calories burnt, distance covered, workout training sessions; the device also notifies you about any calls, emails, calendar reminders, or any social media alert. The gadget line has made the tie up with Taylormade, thus very much suitable for the golf players.

Garmin Forerunner 220

This fitbit alternative is best suited for the people whose main workout session includes running. It comes along with the feature of tracking the heart rate, though you can use the gadget without this feature if you want. It has the advanced GPS running watch, thus vital device for the runners. The forerunner fitbit alternative is ideal for the beginner as well as for the marathon runners.

Nike + FuelBand

As being the MNC of providing the sports and fitness products for the workout sessions and training, Nike introduced the fitbit alternative with the primary features of fitbit. With the basic fitness parameters, the Nike fitbit gadget monitors the sleep time too. To improve your health lifestyle, you can even register for the yoga. It is compatible with iOS.

Polar Loop

With the limited set of colours, the polar can be the best alternative to fitbit which provides the best expert guidance on your fitness activities. You can also use the gadget for your swimming sessions as it is the waterproof gadget. The polar loop gives the feedback for the daily, monthly and yearly activities of the user so as to achieve the health targets easily.

Striiv Play

Sync the Striiv play fitbit device with your Smartphone and thus keep your health up to date in the busy schedules. It is the mixture of smart watch and activity tracker. It can be said that it is perfect gadget to keep track of daily activity as well as to use the Smartphone simultaneously. You can wear your device either on your wrist or your belt; even you can clip it to the purse or pocket.

Basis Peak

The display of the basis peak fitbit alternative is always on, so there is no need to press the button for the display check. Along with the primary features of the fitbit device, the basis peak also is the mixture of the smartwatch and fitness tracker. It has the feature of constant monitoring the heart rate. The device is waterproof and thus can be used in swimming pool as well as in the showers.

Bowflex Boost

It uses the different colour lights to alert about your achievement of health goals. At the low price, the gadget performs all the primary functions that any fitbit device does. The gadget has an iPhone app which syncs the daily track in wireless mode. It is the affordable alternative to fitbit.

Bodymedia Fit Link

The standout feature of the Bodymedia fit link fitbit device is that it has to be worn on the upper arms rather than on wrists or waist. Though the design may not be stylish, it keeps track of every fitness aspect of the body.


The busiest routines and schedules have made us forget about our health, and thus the fitbit bands remind us to take care of our body in the middle of the tasks. Based on the thought, HEALTH IS WEALTH, the fitbit alternatives are designed, and thus they have succeeded with their motto. The alternatives to fitbits in the list are still available in the market, and you can purchase either online or from the shops if available. Share the information with your fitness freak friends through Facebook, Google or Twitter.

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