Google Plays with Last Name of Android L in a Video

Google is commonly anticipated to declare the last Android L build along with Nexus 6 mobile plus Nexus 9 tablet on Wednesday.

Google Plays with Last Name of Android L in a Video

Now, more cementing the reality; an intro video clip published through Android’s official YouTube channel at Tuesday reveals many finalists for the label of Android’s upcoming mobile phone and tablet operating system, while verifying their version number as 5.0. In addition; the Google programmer has individually suggested that the L in Android L may possibly refer to Lollipop.

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Sundar Pichai, elder Vice President at Google in charge of Android, Chrome and Google Apps tweeted that the intro video clip then stated; “Met some sweet new friends today.” their tweet had # tags for the National Dessert Day as well as Android.

Their intro video clip reveals many sweets auditioning for the ‘Android L’ cast; such as Lemon Meringue Pie, Lava Cake, Lady Fingers, and Lemon Drop. Surprisingly; Oreo is even noticed standing up inside the queue. At the ending to their 32-second intro video clip, the tagline states “there can just be 1 L.”

For the people un-aware, Google has been popular for the naming variations to their Android mobile phone operating system for the smart phones as well as tablets after desserts; nevertheless, to their 1st time period their company revealed the branded candy label just the past year for Android 4.4, calling it KitKat together with Nestle.

Research have suggested that Android L will soon be likely called Android 5.0 ‘Lemon Meringue Pie’ or LMP. Although the LMP can easily own some other expansions, Lemon Meringue Pie appears a good fit to get a traditional Android dessert label.

In another reports, a Google programmer has expected title of next Android build. Very first noticed by Myce, the programmer published the screenshot which supposedly reveals the debug symbol with a face of Android robotic on top of a adhere, recommending Lollipop.

Their screenshot was published upon Chromium concern Tracker (has been since taken down) and revealed their de-bug symbol on the notice tray.

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