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7 Crucial Tips In Guest Blogging Most Bloggers Don’t Pay Attention To

Guest blogging has been in the hype for the past couple of years now is expected to be at the forefront of off-site SEO strategies in 2018. Certainly, no one can underestimate the major benefits of this SEO deed such as but not limited to:

  • Drawing a new set of audience (from the blog host’s followers)
  • Building relationships with other bloggers (especially the influential ones)
  • Building online influence and authority
  • Crafting the guest blogger’s writing skills
  • Knowing what other’s think of the guest blogger’s contribution, getting helpful suggestions as well as criticisms
  • Helping in optimizing one’s blog or website for search engines

7 Crucial Tips In Guest Blogging

For these and other beneficial reasons that are yet to be mentioned, we come across a lot of blog as well as website owners mustering their efforts in offering guest blog articles. On the part of some guest post prospect, they are becoming lenient in their guest posting policies in order to accommodate as many guest posts as possible. But smarter guest bloggers and blog hosts will keep in mind the essential things in guest blogging. Among these are producing unique and high quality content, submitting to blogs with higher page rank and are within the same niche and abiding by the guest post guidelines. But are these really all the important things you need to know to guest blog like an authority?

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Let’s take a look at these essential guidelines in guest blogging that many are missing out in this off-site SEO endeavour:

Guest Post On Qd Tricks:

Choose your guest blog prospect carefully and rationally

Tons of posts about guest blogging tips will always advise on guest posting on high ranking sites owned by influential or authoritative bloggers. But if it’s your first time to guest post for your blog or site in its start-up phase, following this tip can be quite silly.

Aim at lower blogs at first while avoiding the spammy ones still. If you can’t make it to the top blogs yet, at least aim at the blogs who have guest posted in the top blogs first.

The niche doesn’t always have to be exactly the same

What’s more important to consider is if you’ll be able to offer valuable information to the blog host’s audience. There may be blogs who does not belong in the same niche but caters to a crowd which is also your target market. Don’t hesitate in guest posting with these blogs since your contribution will certainly make sense to the readers.

Find resources for original ideas

These days, even new blogs and those that are not that authoritative require guest posts to have original and specific content that hasn’t appeared yet in other blogs. Here are some great sources for original ideas:

  • Reputable and top blogs in the niche
  • Google tools such as Google analytics, keyword tools, Google Insights to find out what topics are trending
  • Google alerts for relevant keywords

Do a more in-depth analysis of a prospective guest blog host

Aside from looking at the site’s Page Rank, Domain Authority and Alexa Traffic, dig deeper by checking out other factors. Are there a couple of comments and sharing activities in the posts? Does it have a good network in social media sites? Who have contributed guest posts in the past? Do these guest posters look reputable? Does the blog easily accept guest posts offers?

It may take time to answer all these questions but it will certainly be worth ensuring that you are placing your links in trustworthy sites.

Write about or optimize the article with the keyword that the blog host is best ranked for

This will increase the chance of the guest post showing up in the higher ranks of search results. However, the article should still offer unique and informative material and hasn’t been tackled in other blogs before. Otherwise, the guest post article will not be accepted by the blog host and will become useless.

Keep in mind the kind of sites that you should avoid

If a blog that you would’ve deemed as a guest post prospect has any of these characteristics, don’t even bother to shoot them an email:

  • Blogs that easily accepts guest posts
  • Blogs that have no definite market or subject matter
  • Sites with several and unrelated ads
  • Sites that seldom publish their own posts
  • Sites that automatically approves guest post submissions

Edit and proofread

Another common pointer, you may say, but a different and more effective approach to this is to proofread the article for quite some time after you finish it. The longer the time interval, the better.

Immediately after writing the article, the writer is still too inundated with it. This, in turn, will make him biased and not that particular with the errors.

Proofreading an article after taking a long break or at another time of the day (like proofreading in the afternoon an article written in the morning) and will give a feeling similar to proofreading another’s work. You’ll be surprised at how much corrections and revisions you can come up with to improve your article.

Final Words

Guest blogging is continually increasing its prevalence and following this guide will certainly help bloggers get ahead with their guest blogging endeavour. But while following this guide, a blogger should to put the welfare of the readers beforehand, rather than its site’s optimization for search engine. After being successful at it, everything else will follow.

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