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Tips To Increase Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Smartphones have become second most used electronic gadget across the world after the laptop. The increased usage of the device has demanded the increased consumption as well and therefore to charge the smartphone frequently has become habitual. Check out the tips and tricks to know how to make the optimum usage of the battery and how to keep the check on the smartphone while it is in charge.

Preventive Measures For Safe Charging Of The Smartphone

increase battery life

Today, smartphones have become the most necessary gadget for every person, and in fact, it has occupied the special place now in the daily lives of the people. The constant use of the smartphone asks for the frequent charging, and there are different tips and tricks you will come across from a different user. Therefore, for once and all, we are here settling down for what care must be taken while charging your smartphone, be it iOS or Android OS.

People and websites are providing the best advice on how to keep your smartphone safe while charging or how long you should charge your device and many more things. We are not considering them fake, but somehow it leads to the confusion to know what is correct and what is not; therefore we have listed down six major and important tips to remember while you keep your smartphone on charging for both OS users- iOS and Android OS.

Six Things To Remember While Charging Your Smartphone.

There are lot many things to remember while you are keeping your smartphone on a charge, but we want you to remember only six of them because maintaining these six tips can help you greatly to make the most of safe charging.

#Original Charger

Android smartphones have made one thing very easy for us- standard charger. It doesn’t matter which brand of smartphone you have of Android OS, anytime when you forget to take your charger; you can always ask any other android user to lend you the one which is WRONG! Yes. The truth is to use your charger instead of any other, even though you guys share the same brand.

Whenever we use another android charger or purchase the duplicate one, when we need to, we forget the damage we cause to the battery performance. During the emergency situation if you want to, there is no harm though but make sure you check the output voltage (V) and current ampere. This tip will help you to keep safe your smartphone’s battery performance.

#Protective Case

Smartphone users are using the customized the protective cases for various reasons. In the midst of staying in trend to use them, the cases act as the barrier for the smartphone device, and therefore the gadget gets warm or heated when it is in charge. It is advisable to remove the protective case if the smartphone shows or becomes warm while it is on charge. Keep the battery exposed to the normal environment, so that it remains cool to the normal condition while being in charge.

#Overnight Charging

We often think that we can keep the smartphone on the charge during the night and since the device will not be disturbed, the gadget will charge soon and faster than the day time. This is the complete wrong and also harmful for the device. For the best reasons and to keep the battery safe from overheating, avoid charging the smartphone overnight. Charging overnight can cause the effect on the battery’s performance and also the battery’s life will become short. If you are already practicing overnight charging, cut the habit now.

#Third Party Battery Apps

We often install the battery applications like power or battery management applications which claim to increase the battery life of the smartphone, this type of apps can be found on the Android device more often. All such apps are not good for your device’s health and therefore to install them will only damage your smartphone and also the battery.

Because of such third party apps, the smartphone forces to indulge in putting up the extra load and therefore installation of the battery management applications will not do well but rather will exploit the device. All these apps will exert the burden on the device, and in turn, it will affect the battery power and performance. Avoiding such applications is the best option to keep up with your battery health.

#Charging the Smartphone up to 80%

We always are mistaken by the smartphone user or the retailer telling us always to charge the smartphone to 100% and not to leave the charging in between. We don’t know how much true the advice is, but we have observed smartphone works well for 7-8 hours, whether the charge is 100% or 80%. It is therefore advisable to keep the smartphone charged up to 80% rather than full charge because ultimately avoiding the overheating and also maintaining the battery performance to the optimum.

#Charge On Repeat

It’s a big NO. One of the most common and major mistakes we make while using the smartphone is to keep the device on charge even if there is 70% battery. Do not do that. It is advisable to keep your gadget on charge when the device is left with 20% battery or less than that; otherwise, the battery performance is going to degrade in the short period. If you keep the device on charge all the time, or at least most of the time, the chances are you will be responsible for altering the battery’s lifespan.


From the huge list of tips on how to keep your smartphone’s battery safe and also maintaining the health of the device, cutting down to the most important six tips was hard yet working them is not difficult. These six tips will help you improve the lifespan of the battery and also making it the habit of following them will let you keep your device safe for the longer period.

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