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How To Get iOS On Android Phone? (5 Tricks)

How to install ios on android is most trending now-a-days. People find ways to install ios on android phone and some other ways to get ios on android phone. iPhones are the hot favourite among various smartphone users, and this craziness is because the user interface is quite amazing. No wonder everyone wants it.

In this article, we are going to check out the ways on how to install ios on android devices. There are many individuals who cannot afford ios devices as it is a costly product.

It is a common knowledge that android is becoming popular each day because of its extensive feature of customization. If you are an android user who wants to know how to get ios on android phone and convert the android into iOS 9, then it is easy, unbelievable & cheap too. Here you won’t be getting the list of the porting system related files to make the transformation of the ios on android. You can check out the various interactive applications and launchers for converting the smart android into the iOS.

How To Install iOS On Android 2019

ios on android 2019

The following are some of the best android apps you can use to get ios on android phone:

Espier Launcher 7

Espier Launcher 7 to get ios

This tool is the best flat style related edition of the popular and the best apple style related home screen application for the most of the Android devices. In this edition of the tool, one can know on how to install ios on android and experience the best android implementation of the layout, flat style font, animation and search page of the Apple. With this tool, you can easily enjoy and experience the simplicity of the Android devices.

Download: Espier Launcher 7

iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD

iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD

Another easy method to install ios on android is the iOS 7 lockscreen parallax HD. This app can be used as a lock screen and it can allow you to get a flat style kind of lock screen along with the camera launcher, parallax effect for booting, sliding for unlocking and passcode. Basically, this locker is easily updated with the updated and latest lock screen protection. With this app, you can lock the screen using two major and different kind of securities.

iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD New Features

  • Custom Wallpaper
  • More controls available on the control center
  • Dark Holo Theme
  • iOS 7 Lockscreen with Parallax effect
  • iOS 7 wallpaper available
  • Best View on HD Android Phone

Download: iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD

Espier Notifications i7

Espier Notifications 7

The Espier Notification is a simple and flat style notification page, personalized status bar, notification management plugin suitable for the Espier Launcher 7. This is one of the best app to be used to get ios on android phone and it can assist the user in managing the notifications received by the apps from the notification page or status bar. The Espier Notification tool makes the notification page and status bar uniform, clean and even help in enhancing the visual effects involved in the notification display of the Android tool. No doubt it is the best app to install ios on android.

Espier Notifications i7 New Features

  • Realistic iOS 6 classic style
  • Concise ios 7 flat style
  • 4*1 & 5*1 widget size
  • Notification reminder style as none, banner or alert
  • iOS style notification page
  • Notification plugin on lock screen

Download: Espier Notifications

Control Center i7

control center i7

One of the formidable methods to get ios on android is the Espier Control Center 7. This is a plugin which is specially designed for the Espier Launcher 7. With this app not only you can get to install ios on android devices, you can easily control the functions of the system like WiFi, Airplane mode, Bluetooth, Wireless and the list goes on. Furthermore, the app can be used for quick launching other innovative tools like clock, flashlight, camera, and calculator.

Control Center i7 New Features

  • All control system such as Airplane Mode, WiFi, Wireless, Bluetooth, and so on
  • Quick launch apps such as such as flashlight, clock, camera and calculator
  • Control music player and sound volume
  • Customize the background of the control center page

Download: Control Center i7

Espier Dialer 7

espier dialer 7

Not only this tool can be used for getting the ios on android, it is one of the best contact and dialer app suitable for Android phones in the flat style of Apple. Basically, with this application , you can experience the call management and contact management of the Apple’s flat style right on the Androind smartphone. Unlike other apps, this one is easy and has got various functionalities.

For example, with a single click of the Home Button, you would get a small Pop-up and it will display the given launcher. Here you have to make sure to choose the Espier Launcher 7 which is the best tool for getting the ios on the android. While you are choosing the Espier Launcher 7, make sure to choose the option Always.

Download: Espier Dialer 7

An important thing to keep in mind is that is all the install and download involved in getting the ios on android is easy. You can use any one of the above given tools for installing the ios on android.

To conclude, the above given are some of the major tips involved on how to install ios on android 2019. With the above given app, one can intall the ios on android devices and easily transform the android into the best iOS 9 running tool. There are various tools available for it, but the ones given in the list are quite interactive and easy to use. So go ahead and select the best iOS conversion tool for installing ios on android phones and devices.

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