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How To Install & Run Kali Linux On Android Mobile?

Today we are sharing the guidelines to install the Kali Linux Android 2019. When it comes to white hat hackers, security researchers and pentester, Kali Linux has proved to be the best operating system. It’s easy to use, and advanced penetration testing tool; Kali Linux operating system has become the part of every professional’s toolbox of security.

To test the limit of security policies and procedures, Kali Linux has the variety of tools and techniques that no professional can get less of. The market of applications is on the rise, so it has now become almost mandatory to have Kali Linux Android security tool in the Smartphone.

Kali Linux keeps/ performs the security checks on cracking WEP WiFi Passwords, finding Vulnerabilities or Bugs, cracking security on websites. Kali Linux on the Android Smartphone or tablets allows the device to stay safe from any bugs which may harm the content of the device.

Install Kali Linux On Android

install Android kali Linux 2019

With the arrival of the KALI LINUX NETHUNTER, kali Linux is now possible for the android users to make the best use of the penetration test. This is the fascinating for the android users. Kali Linux android enables the user to make the best use for creating counterfeit domain to test the various hacking attacks. Read out the below guide to install the Android kali Linux on your Smartphone:


How To Download And Install Kali Linux Android?

Below we have shared the steps to download and install the Android kali linux. Read carefully all the steps mentioned below before beginning with the process. If you have any doubts you can contact us at anytime via comments.

Linux Deploy App

DOWNLOAD & INSTALL Linux Deploy App from the Google Play Store


After installing the app, open the application in your android mobile and click on the DOWNLOAD icon.

tap on download button

Linux To Kali Linux

change linux to kali linux

After the download, under the properties, go onto the distribution & change it to KALI LINUX from Linux.

Click Install

At the top, click on INSTALL


Let the download get complete, and time to complete the download will depend on the internet speed you are equipping with.

VNC Viewer App

DOWNLOAD & INSTALL VNC Viewer App from the Play Store.

Fill The Details

fill all details on VNC

Launch the app and fill up the required details that are asked on the screen.


click on connect button

After filling up the required details, click on the CONNECT button.


Your Android kali Linux is all set for the use.


Video Guidelines On How To Install Android Kali Linux

How to Install Kali Linux on Android?

How to Run Android Kali Linux?

Install Kali Linux Without Linux Deploy

After kali Linux android is installed on your Smartphone, you can make the best use for your hacking habitat in your android phone. This Android kali linux app can be very useful the detection of penetration attacks on your Smartphone and thereby you can be well versed with the protection of your android.

Kali Linux android is the app where you can be sure of about the dummy hacking activities going on and off in the domain. Android kali Linux is made available on the Smartphone such as nexus 5, nexus 6, nexus 7, nexus 9, Samsung galaxy models and oneplus one. If the article was is useful, you can bookmark and can share this information with your friends and closed ones!

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