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5 Latest Facebook Scams And Method to Avoid It

Check out this new facebook scams and methods to avoid it. We have shared all new scams on facebook or fb scams 2019. Facebook scams most widely search term on internet. People find scams on facebook or fb scams & methods to avoid it.

Scams are available not only offline but you can find them online too. With the increase number of people online, the internet is getting dirtier and murkier by some group of people.

Recently, Facebook has also been a victim of scams. But authorities have taken steps and are alerting users regarding various facebook scams and how to approach these scams prevailing.

Facebook Scams 2019

fb scams 2019
facebook scams 2019

Send Money Scam

You could get a request on your Facebook from unknown person saying he or she has been lost in an island or is bankrupt. The person request to transfer an amount to his account for him to return back to his place and commits to return back once he is safe. Facebook has informed such scams are fake and there are no such accounts available. Facebook advises to block such messages if received to anyone.


Phishing is the most common type of scams seen. You could get links from people informing to click to get prizes or cash. These are received either by chat or posting on your Facebook page. This needs to be reported once these types of messages are received.

Messages Containing Phishing Links

This is one of the most popular facebook scams 2019. Sometimes while you are chatting with someone, you could get a link which looks strange. On clicking you could get some gold, cash or gifts. Report these accounts from where such messages are received. Facebook team will review on these links and necessary action will be taken.

Malicious Script

You could come across some Facebook application informing to copy a script given and paste to your browser. By doing so, the application will give a list of profiles when it is pasted. Not only this, the application will hack into your account and send various events and messages from your account.

Unusual Emails

You could get mails informing to reset your password from Facebook. The content looks so genuine that you could be mislead to be from Facebook itself. It should be noted that Facebook has mentioned in his policy that it never ask any user his or her password for any purpose.

There are chances that you could click on any of the phishing link. In that case, you need to go immediately to your account and change the password. You need to make sure that the new password is unique and difficult for anyone to break and get into your account.

There is an increase of cyber criminals in the world. Various new and unique methods are tested on users and information is gained from them. Even Facebook of government agencies is hacked to get details of confidential information is done by other countries. Precautions are to be taken and concerned authorities and steps are to be taken in safeguarding the Facebook account from facebook scams. You never know you could be the victim of these cyber criminals as they are at loose and not easy to be caught by the authorities.

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  • Thanks for describing about 5 latest Facebook scams 2016. We must avoid it.Oh your blog is also nice! I will visit your blog daily to find some new article.

  • Another scam seems to be as I recently discovered, you get a friend request on Facebook and then you friend them on messenger you receive a chat saying they work for Facebook one being Lockwood and another a lady whose name I forget and they tell you that you won a prize from Facebook and they are a CEO and they need anywhere from 450.$ to 250.00 to send your winnings in 12 hours.I didn’t send money, be careful who you friend.

    • Yea the same games being played on me right now as we speak. I told them that I would send it this morning their already testing me, asking when I’m gonna send the money, oh well I’m not gonna send nothing thanks for the heads up