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MoboMarket Polaris App Review – A Must Have App for Android Users

The use of Android phones has been increased rapidly due to awesome features like camera quality, capability to do anything like email checking, video conferencing and many more. But for a new user it seems to be difficult to manage all things like which app is best for him and where to get a particular app and how to optimize their android phone to run smoothly.

Today I am going to share an amazing app with you which will solve your all problem.

Excited to know about this cool App? It is MoboMarket Polaris. MoboMarket is one stop shop for android users. Android users can do anything with this app like downloading any app, cleaning unnecessary memory and file sharing etc.

MoboMarket Polaris App Review 2017

MoboMarket help android users to improve their android user experience by offering cool features like download manager, resources library, device cleaner, cross platform and latest apps with ranking. It is free app. You can easily download latest version of this app from official website of MoboMarket

MoboMarket Impressive Feature

MoboMarket starts with a single tap. After tapping, you will found main page of app. It offers eight options, three options at top of main page including categories, featured and ranking and rest of at bottom including focus, games, search, discover and menu option.



Let’s discuss MoboMarket Polaris features briefly!


Category Section allows user to browse Apps and Games categorically. As you tap at category option, you will see screen like below image. If you want to download Apps, click on App option and select your desired category and in same way, you can download games also.

For ex, if you are looking for an app for shopping, simply click on shopping category, you will get a list of shopping apps. You can simply select your desired app and download it.



Featured Section offers various featured apps in different section including daily top, super cool apps, editor’s choice, best apps, collections and many more.


Ranking Section covers two sub sections Top Charts and Trending. Top Charts shows apps according to ranking. Trending section shows what is trending in your region. Using Trending feature, you can know which app most of people are using.

mobomarket snapshot


Games Section covers all latest and most popular games. You will found games related to every category here. To install a particular Game app, you only need to click at download button of desired app and as downloading finish, double tap on the game icon and install it. All are done, now you can play you desired game.


Search Section allows you to search any app or wallpaper. Simply type the name of app what you want to download and enter. You can search apps and wallpaper using hot tag also. When you tap at search option, it will show you a new window with hot tags and search bar, you can select any desired hot tags, after tapping hot tags, you will get a list of related tags.


Discover Section helps an android user to give their android phone new look and select hot apps and games to do fun with friends, family and self. It covers different subsection including wallpaper, event, collection of hot apps and games and popular apps etc.

Features of MoboMarket Polaris don’t end here, as I already told you. MoboMarket is one stop shop for android users. While exploring Menu Option, it offers a massive list of another option which seems more exciting and incredible feature of this app. Let’s dig into exciting features.


Region Option

Region Option allows you to know what is popular into a particular region. You need to tap at region name and ok button. All is done. Now you can view using discover and any other option what is trending your desired region.

Device Optimizer

When you tap at Menu option, first all you will see a red circle at top of screen. It will optimize your device with single tapping by cleaning Memory, cache files, residual files and APK files.

Download Manager

Download Manager Keeps track of all downloaded games and apps by user using this app and all those games and apps also which are downloaded by user but not installed yet. And it allows user to pause and continue download games and apps anytime.

Uninstall Apps

Using this feature, user can uninstall any installed app in android phone. Just tap uninstall apps option and you will get a list if installed apps. Simply click on uninstall button of desired app and all done.

APK Manager

MoboMarket offers another cool feature to optimize APks knows as APK Manager. It helps to manage or clean APks and make your android fast.

Device Cleaner

Device Cleaner helps you to save storage space which is reserved by the files which are used ever hardly. When you tap at device cleaner, it scans the android and shows the list of obsolete files. You can simple click on clean option to free some storage space.

App Transfer

It is another interesting feature of this app. Now you can simply transfer app between internal storage and SD card using app transfer with the ease of single tap.

Startup Optimizer

This feature makes your device booting faster. But using this feature, you need to root your android phone first.

Power Saver

Power Saver is another cool feature of this app. By using power saver option, you can extend your device battery life. It helps to consume less battery power. Simply tap Power Saver option, you will found a green circle and a button with written text save power. Tap this Save Power button to enable Power Saver mode.

File Sharing

MoboMarket Polaris offers a cool feature of file sharing over various technologies available to device by creating hubspot or via Bluetooth etc.

Connect to PC

It is another exciting feature of this app. But to connect your device to PC, you need to install MoboDaemon first.

What makes MoboMarket “A Must Have App”?

MoboMarket is fully packed with lots of cool features. If you have MoboMarket, you don’t need any other app to optimize, save batterypower or run your phone smoothly. It has several apps feature self like cleaner, power saver and Google Play store. You don’t need to be headache any more to do task manually, you can do many tasks with a single tap like uninstalls apps, clean APK and optimize device. That’s why I called it “A Must Have App”.

Overall, MoboMarket Polaris is cool app. Every android phone user must give a try one time at least to check exciting features of this app. I am sure, after using this App, you will be fall in love with this app due to its awesome features.

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