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Rocket VPN Review: Enjoy Internet Freedom for Free

Internet is one of the most useful resources you will ever come across in your life, but how many of you know that your privacy is always at threat while you are browsing through the internet.

Your network is constantly spied by the hackers and intruders. They are always trying to break through your network firewall and steal your private information. But you need not worry about it. A VPN can be the ultimate solution to this problem. Though you may secure your PC/laptop using a number of VPN networks online, but at times, it becomes difficult to provide security to the mobile device.

Rocket VPN has emerged to be a powerful mobile VPN application that can take care of security of your mobile data while accessing the internet on it. Let us learn more about it in the Rocket VPN review alongside.

Rocket VPN – A Brief

Rocket VPN is an authentic mobile VPN application that can help you to secure your Android or iOS mobile device from the hackers or intruders trying to attack your mobile device through network security loop. It lets you to surf the internet anonymously without actually revealing your identity to the outside world. Even your mobile operator is not able to trace your activity on the device. It is a phenomenal application that has emerged over the years for mobile devices. Rocket VPN reviews on the respected app stores have been marvelous as submitted by the users.

Ultimate Features Rocket VPN App

Rocket VPN is a powerful mobile VPN app that is packed with some of the best features that are hardly found in any other app. Check out some of its best features in Rocket VPN review.

  • Quick Connection: You will get a relatively higher internet speed as compared to the speed offered by your internet provider. The videos can be streamed as faster speeds. You can even watch the videos blocked in your country by changing the location of your server from the app interface.
  • Servers: The servers of Rocket VPN are present in 10 nations of the world – Sweden, Germany, USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, France, Netherlands, and Japan. You will be connected to the server from USA, by default. Moreover, the servers are well secured from any potential threat and are reliable too.
  • Bypass the Restrictions: If any website is blocked in your country, you can still access it by choosing a server of some other country. Not only this, even the videos on the streaming apps like HULU, Netflix etc. can be watched without any hassle.
  • Privacy: The random IP generator makes your IP secure by replacing it with a random IP. This is called IP masking. Now, no one will be able to trace you as they will always see a fake IP. Moreover, the data stored on your mobile device will not be compromised at any cost. The public Wi-Fi can be accessed fearlessly using Rocket VPN.
  • Maintain Anonymity: As your IP is masked, no one will be able to trace your actual IP. Your activities on the internet wouldn’t be traced. Even your mobile operator won’t to be able to do so. Your identity remains anonymous while surfing online.
  • Safe Browser: Rocket VPN’s safe browser technology encrypts your browsing session whenever you are surfing across the internet. You can easily check the history of last sessions made on your browser.

Setting Up Rocket VPN on Mobile

Download and install Rocket VPN app n your device. The following setup shows the how Rocket VPN app can be configured and used on Android device. After proceeding with the installation, you can open this app on your smartphone to use it.

  • Go to ‘Rocket VPN’ app on your smartphone and open it up.

  • Go to ‘Connect’ option for getting connected to the server. A connection request screen appears while connecting to the server. Press ’OK’ button to get connected to the server.

  • You get connected to the server from USA by default.

  • Tap on ‘Change Location’ button for accessing a server of different country. Select the country to which you want to get connected to. You will then be connected to the selected country.

  • Rocker VPN’s Safe browser can be used for accessing different websites Its browsers encrypts your browsing sessions, preserving your data from getting leaked. You can even setup your favorites and check the browser history as well.

  • You can even open different apps on your mobile using Rocket VPN. This will help you to stay safe while accessing these apps.

  • Any 3rd-party application can be opened on its servers by adding it to ‘Launcher’ by pressing ‘Add launcher’ option.

  • This was the complete configuration and working of Rocket VPN. You can install this app on your smartphone and stay safe from any spy or intruder looking to attack your mobile network.

Pricing & Plans

The part about Rocket VPN is that you get 250MB free bandwidth each month. If you have more bandwidth requirement then it is recommended to upgrade the plan. Here is the list of plans offered by Rocket VPN to its users.


  • Multiple platforms & devices supported.
  • You can access third-party apps using this VPN.
  • The speed of servers is average, but still more than many other apps of its type.
Final Verdict

Rocket VPN has established its authority in the mobile VPN industry in just few years. A user can easily access any website or stream any video around the globe privately. Even the restricted content can be accessed using Rocket VPN app. Moreover, it offers free plan to every user each month that can be upgraded according to your needs. Installing this app on your smartphone will definitely keep you away from the intruders looking to steal your private information by accessing your mobile device unethically. Choosing Rocket VPN app for your mobile can turn out to be the best decision of your life.

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