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Top 5 Best Websites Like Wayback Machine in 2019

In this article, we will look at the Wayback machine alternative in 2019. These sites like Wayback machine is the boon to have if there is any immediate issue of way back machine. Let’s look at what are the Wayback machine alternative and also how proficiently they make our job easy.

About Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine, created by the internet archive, a nonprofit organization provides digital archives on the World Wide Web and also other information available on the internet. It was launched in 2001 and allows the users to view the archived versions of web pages over the time. The overall vision of Wayback machine is to archive the whole internet.

Wayback machine has a million users every day; many of business are dependent on this site to develop the business strategies and also to understand its competitors since it allows viewing historical details, modification, and development of any website. It gives access to look upon the deleted information of any website and also to see the content of the down websites too.

Wayback Machine Alternatives In 2019

sites like Wayback machine in 2019

Due to the so much efficiency, Wayback machine often is down due to its frequent use and therefore, we must have Wayback machine alternatives that can give us the same access with excellent proficiency, and also the smooth functioning of the similar sites need to be assured. Let’s look at the sites like Wayback machine with useful features and great use.


screenshots Wayback machine alternative

Screenshots is one of the best sites like wayback machine in 2019. It helps you to know how a particular website worked and looked in the past and it can be a great alternative to Wayback machine. It operates on the WHOIS DATABASE domain tools to record sites and to maintain the record of the screenshots. The frequency through which it takes screenshots depends majorly upon how many time the site is being updated. It has function less than Wayback machine, but it can be of good use when Wayback machine is down.

Screenshots Features

  • Clicks the snapshot of the website but not copying.
  • It has more accurate and precise form of storage
  • Anyone can learn quickly
  • Very easy to use
  • Simple interface

The only drawback that this site has, it does not support less known websites, and the frequency of clicking snapshots is too less.


It is the unique and most suggestive alternate of way back machine. Its salient features provide the smooth functioning and also its access is very easy, no login/ sign in hassles to come across. Features

  • Navigation is straightforward and easy to use
  • It allows to search for any domain and take the snapshot of it
  • Access to small detail- from data to graphical
  • Request to archive any website anytime.

Competitor Screenshots

For this site, you need to get register first and then get the access of the amazing features of competitor screenshots. It is the most trustable alternative to the wayback machine.

Very easy to access, you can find any websites screenshots and emails once you sign in. This enables you to have a quick view of any site on competitor screenshots. You just need to get registered on the website and you will have all the access to its amazing features which they provide.



To get the access to the archive tools has become very much simple and easy with the help of iTools. You can get information about any domain name too from this alternative website at any time. It has access to Alexa database. iTools lets you know about the details of the competitors, popularity of the sites and traffic to which site comes across.


Due to its good accessibility, it is very much preferable to the Wayback machine alternative. It has full functions, and this will be boastful to extend your business. The site is very much easy to access, enables you to look at the archive websites and also your competitors. Check this site which works as the perfect alternative to the wayback machine in 2019.

Final Words

If ever Wayback machine is down, you need not get worried because of the options/alternatives sites like wayback machine we have provided within this article. According to your requirements, get the access of any of the above Wayback machine alternatives and get going with your business. Precaution is always better than cure, so bookmark this page for your future uses and share this article with your partners on Facebook, Google or be of good use when Way

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