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YouTube Portrait Videos Now Available Full Screen

We have the great news to share about the YouTube android app and we are sure that after reading the latest update of the app, you are going to count yourself the lucky person. The latest update on YouTube 10.28 is, modified portrait mode into full screen portrait mode for checking out the videos without the side bars.

YouTube 10.28 Update

youtube portrait videos

Okay, we cannot hold this great news any longer from you guys! The YouTube v10.28 has got an update and it allows you to watch the portrait mode videos into full screen portrait mode. In the simple words, you can watch the portrait mode videos in the full screen mode; same like you would watch other landscape mode videos. This is the most easier and convenient update for the regular video streamers and viewers. It feels good to shoot the video in the portrait mode, but while watching those kind of videos on YouTube, it was kind of strain.

With the new feature in the YouTube 10.28, you can say goodbye to those awful ways for watching the portrait mode videos and at ease you can watch those videos in full screen mode without straining your eyes. Before the full screen of the portrait mode, users were capable to watch the portrait modus videos in the vertical position with the two black bars along the sides of the video. For the better enhancement of viewing the videos in the vertical custom, the developers have well acquainted the app with the portrait mode full screen feature.

How To Watch Portrait Video In Full Screen?

Let’s agree to the fact that the latest feature of watching the portrait mode videos in full screen was the most wanted feature for the better experience to lay eyes on the videos in the smartphone devices. How you can do this? It is very simple.

YouTube Portrait Videos

  1. First of all, update the YouTube app and make sure it has the 10.28 version. If you have already, then skip this step.
  2. Next, open the portrait or vertical mode video on the app. You can see the video is playing in the normal way as it was filmed but with the two black bars on the sides.
  3. Now, get the video in the full screen mode by tapping on the full screen option available in the right hand corner at the bottom.
  4. There you are! You can now watch the video as it is suppose to be. The portrait mode video you can watch in full screen without any black side bars.

Final Words

Till date, it is the most happening feature of the YouTube app because this is what we have always wished for. To watch the portrait mode videos in the full screen has come from the long way after procuring the several discussions with the developers’ team. This feature, of course, now will make us less awkward in the natural way to watch them.

Currently, the update is for the android users, which means iOS and other OS users will have to wait for some time to enjoy this benefit. But we are happy for the great move has happened and now this feature will go long way to triumph the hearts of many users and YouTube video viewers. We will keep updating you on the launch of any latest features or function for the YouTube.

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